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This Is The Story Of A Dream.

TheraPAQ was developed by a group of dedicated young professional chiropractors and therapists, who had one common dream. To help you overcome your muscle pains and body aches, by providing a natural and soothing pain reliever, while avoiding potentially harmful drugs and medication.

Our ground-breaking ice and heat gel packs are the embodiment of that dream. Since we had to treat patients dealing with the same struggles, we know what you need. 

These supreme gel packs are extremely durable and versatile and will ensure your comfort and pain relief. Recommended by physical therapists, doctors, sports trainers and chiropractors, our reusable gel packs will become your most trustworthy companions.

Can A Simple Gel Pack Really Provide Help?

The answer is simple: YES IT CAN! Due to their innovative and flexible design, you can rest assured that your body gets natural and healthy pain relief!

You can apply a TheraPAQ ice wrap shortly after exercise or surgical procedures to reduce inflammation that may cause pain and swelling.

After a couple of days, you can switch to a heat wrap and enhance blood flow and tissue mobility that will help you gradually recover.

Our multi-purpose cold/hot wraps are the ideal way to assist long-term recovery in any area of your body, relieve pain from chronic arthritis and promote a healthy solution.

Discover The Stunning Benefits Of Cold Therapy.

Cryotherapy or ice therapy as it is more commonly known can prove vital in providing treatment right after a workout session or a surgical procedure.

The cold can decrease blood flow to an injured area, thus reducing pain and inflammation. Not only is ice therapy soothing and pain relieving, it additionally slows circulation and reduces swelling, muscle spasms and eventually pain. 

Applying our elite ice gel packs within 48 hours of the injury will enable you to prevent further damage and enhance your chances of a faster recovery.

All you have to do is store our adjustable and leak-proof gel wraps in the freezer for 3 hours and then you can enjoy the soothing ice cold treatment!

Heat Therapy Will Rejuvenate Your Body.

Are you tired of struggling with aching muscles, pains from fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions, such as arthritis?

Are cramps and spasm pains keeping you from coping with everyday tasks?

Not anymore! Our durable and reusable premium gel wraps can relieve you from all that agonizing pain!

Heat therapy causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus bringing more blood to the specified area and encouraging the healthy recovery of the damaged tissues.

You will experience an instant soothing effect and any muscle stiffness will be immediately reduced. 

Since our essential leak-proof gel packs can be heated, frozen and microwaved, you can always have easy and quick access to high-quality heat therapy from the comfort of your own home!

An extra tip for fitness enthusiasts: you can use our premium heat gel wraps to prepare your muscle before your workout sessions and drastically reduce the risk of injuries!

Your Well-Being Is Our Top Priority!

Providing proven, natural muscle treatment, that can help you reduce muscle pain and promote healthy recovery, has been our first and foremost priority through the years! We pride ourselves in developing a simple yet ingenious solution to your agonizing problems! It's durable and cost-effective design combined with the soothing and pain-relieving effects will make our doctor-recommended gel packs a true life-saver!

Say Goodbye To Pain Instantly!